From my First Publication (Not Counting the High School Literary Journal Because Nobody Counts That)

     For those of you who didn’t hear, the arts journal at SPU, Lingua,  picked one of my stories to be featured in this year’s issue. I even had my first reading for it, which was terrifyingly exhilarating. Here is the story, for all those who are interested, or for all who just like creepy stories about babies (Lindsey).

     This story, called At Night, is based off of a dream I had. For that reason, I wanted the story to take place at night and I wanted it to have a very dream-like feel and visual quality to it. I’m still deciding whether it’s a little metaphor/simile heavy, so bear with me.

Here is the link: At Night

  1. were you on something when you wrote this one? just kidding! i liked it the creepy baby on the ceiling reminded me of trainspotting.

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