Travel Writing Revisited

After the doldrums of life back in America passed, I found myself busy with work, my new apartment, and grown-up life in general. I am sad to report that creative writing hasn’t exactly flowed out of me lately. But, thanks to a scholarship and a once a week class at Hugo House, I am back to writing regularly (for the next month, at least).

I wanted to take a travel writing course because I am still fascinated with how travel affects people. The idea of how displacement affects a person is a subject I wish to further explore through writing, hopefully in another country someday, but for now I’ll settle with my Thursday night class and the assignments it provides me.

For the first week, the subject of the night was “arrivals.” Since my return from Rome, the only traveling I’ve done has been across the state to Yakima. I had to draw from something, so I chose to write a brief piece about that same old “Yakima” feeling.

Stranger in a Familiar Land

  1. Well, welcome back it’s nice to see you writing again. I shared this with a girl in our office & she really related to it, since she grew up here & moved away. Only she has moved back to stay. Nice story. Dad

  2. Kait you have a talent that most only dream about, use it and take it as far as you can. Your life has only began make it a good one. Love always aunt Laurie

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