Travel Companions

For last week’s class, our professor gave us the assignment to write about people abroad, whether it be someone we met, a tour guide, or even people we traveled with. I thought back on the many characters whose paths I crossed in Italy–the throaty tour guide at the Colosseum who closed her eyes when she really concentrated on the stories she told; Thomas, the Spaniard Lindsey and I conversed with in broken English and even more broken Spanish outside a bar; and Emiliano, the surfer who worked on a cruise boat that traveled up and down the Tiber River.

The Europeans I encountered were an eclectic mix, but there were a few girls on my trip who my mind wandered to when I thought about this assignment. Two out of the three epitomized the American college student abroad, or at least the cliche that the rest of the world sees, but one seemed just a little bit different, a little bit stuck between who she was and who she thought she should be, and I found that push and pull very interesting.

American Girls

  1. Glad that you were the sober & sensible one!! Looks like you were all having fun.

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