I have a confession: In last week’s class, I rehashed a piece from Rome instead of writing something new. Our assignment was on food and shopping and I didn’t feel I had anything profound to say about pizza and pasta. But, it worked out well to read my piece “She-Wolf at the Lingerie Shop” because my teacher said that I had found a new way to write about Rome.

Fueled by that compliment, I set out to actually complete this week’s assignment (and before class even). My latest assignment is to write about place using deeper descriptions and to move beyond just descriptions to connect more to the place around you. My teacher suggested writing about an especially familiar place so as to really nail the descriptions. Well, if I’m going to get anything right, I guess I’ve got to return to my old standby, Yakima.

My teacher also gave my class a list of different ways to describe a place and suggest that we try something we don’t normally do. One of the categories was gothic, and while this piece is no Frankenstein, I tried to focus on the darkness, on anything spooky/supernatural, and to give the piece an overall hopeless tone, until the end. I guess it’s fitting that this piece took place near Halloween and that small towns are creepy in general. Thank you Yakima. I knew you would be good for something.

Fall in a Small Town

  1. Poor old Yakima is going to get an inferiority complex. Another good piece.

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