Tonight’s class felt rather bittersweet. I felt a sense of accomplishment for having completed my first grown up writing class, but I felt more sad that it had ended so soon. Fitting for the last class, this week our teacher assigned us the task of writing about the end of the trip–if we leave or stay and how we feel at the end of our experience.

My piece is small. When I thought about the end of my time in Europe on both of my trips, I couldn’t help but think how much they acted as bookends for the first year of my relationship with Abiel. The strangeness of coming home from Europe twice in barely over a year was mirrored by the strangeness of coming home to a loved one you have been separated from. My hope for this piece was to capture how different the same experiences can be, how sometimes coming home can feel so different and so can a relationship.


  1. This is beautifully bittersweet and this line is perfect: “Setting out on these separate trips I thought I would discover myself, instead I found the rules that shaped our relationship.”

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