Reading Patti Smith

Back in January, the legendary Patti Smith gave a lecture/reading/concert with Seattle Arts and Lectures. I attended and immediately fell in love with her personality and story. I bought her memoir, Just Kids, and devoured it. My response to Patti was my thank you to her–and all the other jackdaws–who inspire me.

I read this piece at Richard Hugo House during the open mic at Cheap Beer and Prose. You can see video of it here:

“Songbird, Patti Smith” Reading

  1. Kait, I really enjoyed this piece, especially the way you wove your relationship with Abi into your story of Patti & Robert. FYI I was not able to view the video, since it asked me to sign in to the site?? Say hi to the “old Crow” for me when you see him. Dad

  2. It is amazing to me how passionate you are. I am so happy to see that we both are achieving what we set out to do in life, without giving up. Thank you for a little moment away from the rest of my life and a view into yours.

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