When Film and Writing Collide

As a staff writer of The Rearguard‘s Arts & Culture section, I was fortunate enough to spend the last three weeks attending press screenings of the 35th annual Portland International Film Festival. This is a dream come true for a writer who happens to love watching movies. I watched and reviewed one movie per week. This necessitated a little bit of rearranging of the work and school schedule and a few late nights researching directors and trying to write as if I’ve been reviewing films for more than a few weeks (aside from, of course, my brief stint reviewing films for the literary magazine in my junior year of high school).

The three movies I watched felt like little discoveries, like brief glimpses into other worlds, like the best examples of how diverse films can be in structure and story. The Salt of Life is a charming Italian comedy that features an aging man grasping (quite comically) for his lost youth. Tales of the Night is a magical French fairy tale collection that elevates the genre with eye-catching silhouette animation. Finally, Somewhere Between is an emotional documentary that follows the lives of four teenage girls who were adopted from Chinese orphanages and raised in America.

I couldn’t pick a favorite. These movies were too different, too extraordinary in their own ways. One made me laugh, one made me cry, the other made me believe in magic. I am sorry that my time as a reviewer has ended, but encouraged by the films I saw to continue pursuing my own writing and to continue to seek out films that remind me of the importance of storytelling in our lives.

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