A Home Found for my Weird Little Fairy Tale

Last year, I wrote a short story based on a prompt from a literary journal. The journal asked for an interpretation of The Wizard of Oz. What fascinates me the most about the classic story is the idea that identity that comes with place–being swept away to another world and missing where you came from. But what if Dorothy didn’t want to return to Kansas? What if her initial desire to return to the safety of home proved insufficient? I took this concept, this bouncing back and forth between what you thought you wanted, what you were supposed to want, and what you left behind.

While my experimental fairy tale, “Return From Oz,” was not accepted by the initial journal I wrote it for and submitted it to, I am ecstatic to report that it was published last week by KGB Bar Lit Magazine. The journal is put out by the famous KGB Bar in NYC’s East Village, a staple of the literary scene that features amazing readings from MFA students and established authors alike. I can’t wait to visit the bar and sample some of the 40 types of vodka onsite, and to hopefully someday soon take my own turn on their famed literary stage.

An Emerald City, of sorts.
An Emerald City, of sorts.

Read “Return From Oz” here and learn more about “Dorothy Complex.”

  1. The story is great.. Well done!

  2. Alisha Klingele Avatar
    Alisha Klingele

    thats awesome another story is published good job i read it and it was great love it!!!

    Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:57:52 +0000 To: aklingele13@hotmail.com

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