Now Go Read This One

I saw a tweet at the start of the month that said, “It’s #NaNoWriMo season, (a.k.a when writing becomes procrastination from other writing).” This sentiment is so true. As soon as a writer gives a self-prescribed deadline and enforces one set structure, the rebellious nature comes out. So far this month of writing my third YA book, I have convinced myself I need to write a fairy tale based on a famous phrase from Amelia Earhart, various essays, and even Moby Dick erotica (okay, the last one was a joke with my friend while at a bar, but still). My mind has also wandered to other novels I want to write and even back to the first two books in my YA series. It’s as if I’m cheating on my current novel with my other novels. Is it cheating if you’re only thinking about cheating?


I really am trying to focus, really, which is why I’m keeping this week’s post short. I am excited to announce that I had my first piece published on, a fabulous women’s website that covers a range of pop culture and news topics. Also, they have a designated books section, and any website that boasts a place to talk about books is alright with me. Until I have more to say about YA, trilogies, and noir, you can read my response to the 2014 Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction longlist here.

I crossed the 40,000 word threshold yesterday. The end is in sight. Next week, I’ll be back with 50,000 words and a re-cap of another NaNoWriMo come and gone. Onward!

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