Something That Makes My Book Start to Feel Real

The Ooligan Press logo–all their PNW imagery fills the hole in my West Coast-missing heart.

Over two years ago, I wrote regular blog posts for Ooligan Press’s Start to Finish series tracking the process of publishing Sean Davis’s war memoir The Wax Bullet War, for which I was a project manager during my tenure at PSU/Ooligan Press. Now, things have come full-circle and the latest entry in the Start to Finish series introduces my forthcoming story collection, Siblings: Stories.

This is utterly strange–exciting, scary, fulfilling, and just plain weird. With a year until its publication date, I am very slowly coming to terms with the reality that my collection of stories–some that have been with me many years–are now going to become a tangible object, something others can hold in their hands. I imagine this won’t truly feel real until I hold the book in my own hands, but over this next year I suspect little things like the post introducing my book to the Ooligan community will help this long held dream of mine take shape.

You can read the blog post here.

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