AWP 2016 Conference Packing List

Tomorrow, I fly out to the promised land, aka California. Though I wish it were to stay, my time there will be but temporary. For the first time, I’m attending AWP’s Annual Conference, held this year in Los Angeles. I will be there both to represent my press and to attend as a writer. I’m very excited to participate in a multitude of events. Tomorrow night, I will read at The Last Bookstore at the Totally Unofficial AWP Pre-Show. On Thursday, I’ll introduce author Ana Castillo at a reading sponsored by TAYO Literary Magazine at Visual Communications.

I’ll also represent The Feminist Press at our booth in the exhibition hall at the Convention Center. We’re sharing a table with Featherproof Books, a rad indie publisher out of Chicago. On Friday, The FP has two panels: “Process and the Midcareer Memoir,” featuring Ana Castillo (Black Dove) and Chef Rossi (The Raging Skillet), and “Visions of a Feminist Utopia” featuring Rachel Kauder Nalebuff and Yumi Sakugawa (The Feminist Utopia Project).

Saturday is my big day. I’m on a panel about women in publishing called “Women Publishing Women: The (Under)representation of Women in Print and in Publishing.” This is the first time someone has found me wise enough to include me on a panel. I hope I don’t disappoint!

My packing list consists of shorts (my Cali uniform), In a Lonely Place (perfect LA noir to read on my daily journey to the convention center), my noir YA manuscript (must edit on the plane and not sleep), and a new tote given to me by a special mister that reads “Good grammar is sexy” (because I need to haul all my stuff around the conference while simultaneously showing the other writers I’m one of them).

I’ll write an AWP 2016 recap next week. For now, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs about going to California, “California” by Tyler Lyle.


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