New Story up, and a Little Dream Come True

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing my short story “The Girl” published over at Joyland Magazine. The story is about a married woman in the midst of an affair who becomes obsessed with a stripper at a club she visits with her lover. What tangled webs… It’s set in Portland and involves the band Rilo Kiley, two things I love.

What I love even more is that this story was acquired, edited, and published by Emily Schultz, one of my contemporary writer heroes. Schultz is the author of The Blondes, a fantastic literary thriller published last year that gave me the same creepy vibes as The Handmaid’s Tale. Emily is not only a great writer, she’s a rad person. She took great care with my work and gave me insightful edits. I felt truly honored to have her read my work and like it enough to share it with the world.

She called the story “so smart, scary, hot, and everything in between.” Blush.

You can read the story here. And you can watch the video for Rilo Kiley’s “Portions for Foxes,” which inspired and is featured in the story, below.



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