Writing my Way Out of The Green Closet

Looking back on 2018, this year has been a milestone for me as both a creative and a cannabis consumer. As my career moves farther into the cannabis industry (shoutout to Ellementa, the fastest growing women’s cannabis wellness network), I find myself wanting to do everything I can to help normalize this ancient healing plant.

How I’m most able to do that is through writing. It started with a piece earlier this spring about how using cannabis to train for a half marathon turned into a crusade to de-stigmatize cannabis by disproving the lazy stoner stereotype.

Next came one of my go to subjects: writing about writing. In a guest post for Submittable, I wrote about the writer as mythological drunk and my theory that cannabis is much better for creative output than alcohol.

Lately, my work has focused on the cannabis industry itself. I’m currently one of the copywriters for Seattle cannabis marketing agency Wick and Mortar. It turns out writing about weed is almost as much fun as smoking it.