New York was a Dream, a Memory, and a Haunting

Last weekend, I returned to New York for the first time in one year and nine months--the first time since moving back to the West Coast. I knew that because of the baggage I left behind and the loss I had experienced there that I needed a solid reason for my first return trip. That… Continue reading New York was a Dream, a Memory, and a Haunting


Writing is Religion

Ever since this past winter when I read Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus, I've been thinking a lot about absurdism. In his book, Camus argues that life is meaningless, there is no god, etc. Once a person leaves religion and is left with this hopelessness, the question Camus poses is: should a person kill herself in… Continue reading Writing is Religion

When Remembering is an Object

This past Saturday marked the four-year anniversary of my brother's sudden death. I dedicated the morning to remembrance, honoring my brother the best way I knew how: reading Raymond Carver's "Where I'm Calling From" and listening to "Idaho" by Down Like Silver. I spent the evening with my sister, and in between watching 90s feel… Continue reading When Remembering is an Object