See You in Centralia

I'm excited to announce that I'll be leading my first workshop at an upcoming writer's conference this September. Held at Centralia College, the 4th Annual Southwest Washington Writers Conference is a day of workshops and networking for writers of all levels. I'll be tapping back into my publicity experience to host the workshop "How to … Continue reading See You in Centralia


Remember how I returned to my hometown at the end of March to launch my book at my hometown indie bookstore? Well the reaction to my hair (quite short) ended up being bigger than the reaction to my book. I wrote about how strange that homecoming reception was in this essay for Literary Hub.

What is PNW Literature?

I've been asking myself that a lot since returning home to Washington last summer. My first book, Siblings and Other Disappointments, is my most characteristically Pacific Northwest. It's hard to imagine my characters' stories being lived in other small towns, near other mountains and rivers, across other agriculturally dependent landscapes. But perhaps that is what every … Continue reading What is PNW Literature?

Hanging With My Idol and Reading in My Hometown: A Dispatch From My Latest Book Tour Events

My book has been out for almost six months, and I still can't believe how fast the time has gone by since I held that first copy in my hands. 2017 has gifted me with two memorable bookstore events that were equally special but in very different ways. I chose to spend my thirtieth birthday … Continue reading Hanging With My Idol and Reading in My Hometown: A Dispatch From My Latest Book Tour Events

Conquering the Devil

My talented and witchy friend Ru gave me a yearly tarot reading to kick off 2017. It had a balance of good and bad cards, with possibly the worst falling on my birthday month of February: the Devil. She explained to me that the card didn't necessarily mean I should be looking over my shoulder … Continue reading Conquering the Devil