New York was a Dream, a Memory, and a Haunting

Last weekend, I returned to New York for the first time in one year and nine months--the first time since moving back to the West Coast. I knew that because of the baggage I left behind and the loss I had experienced there that I needed a solid reason for my first return trip. That… Continue reading New York was a Dream, a Memory, and a Haunting

When Remembering is an Object

This past Saturday marked the four-year anniversary of my brother's sudden death. I dedicated the morning to remembrance, honoring my brother the best way I knew how: reading Raymond Carver's "Where I'm Calling From" and listening to "Idaho" by Down Like Silver. I spent the evening with my sister, and in between watching 90s feel… Continue reading When Remembering is an Object

All That Goodbye to All That

Every writer who leaves NYC has written about leaving NYC since Joan Didion famously wrote "Goodbye to All That" in her seminal essay collection Slouching Towards Bethlehem. It was only a matter of time until I did it too. When you want to see them, the signs are everywhere. I spent three years looking for… Continue reading All That Goodbye to All That