Book Report: Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw

I love the serendipity of having the right book come to you at the right time. Thankfully, as someone who works in publishing and surrounds herself with other book people, it's usually not hard to coax the fates into providing said book. This time around, my friend, fellow writer, and surrogate brother Joaquin dropped Carol… Continue reading Book Report: Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw

Double Book Report: Riot Grrrl Writing

As prep for my new young adult novel about riot grrrl vampires (and because each book looked incredibly interesting), I got my hands on copies of music critic Jessica Hopper's The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic (what an amazing title) and Carrie Brownstein's memoir Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl.… Continue reading Double Book Report: Riot Grrrl Writing

All the Things Eileen Myles Says That Make Me Dog-Ear Pages

I'm reading Inferno by Eileen Myles right now. The book cover┬ácalls it "a poet's novel." To me this means two things: one, that its structure is not organized in a traditional way (scenes often flash back and forth between the past and present) and two, that it is full of gorgeous sentences. Rather than attempt… Continue reading All the Things Eileen Myles Says That Make Me Dog-Ear Pages