Book Report: Apocalypse Baby

Let me preface my review by saying that the English translation of Apocalypse Baby by Virginie Despentes was published by my current employer, The Feminist Press. It came out before I began working there, so I didn't read it right away. I started with all the current and upcoming books so as to prepare me… Continue reading Book Report: Apocalypse Baby

The Surprising Feminist Undertones of BoJack Horseman

Last year’s Netflix original, the “cartoon for adults” BoJack Horseman, packed a surprising amount of social commentary for a show featuring a talking horse.  The criminally underrated series does a lot of things well: sharp satire of the entertainment industry balanced with absurdist humor made even stranger in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, background… Continue reading The Surprising Feminist Undertones of BoJack Horseman

Book Report: Ann Beattie’s The Burning House

Ann Beattie's The Burning House is a short story collection that came into my life as a battered paperback I picked up in a moment of sidewalk good fortune. Call it a gift from the universe that this restrained yet extraordinary collection should appear in my life during Short Story Month. I've been wanting to read Ann… Continue reading Book Report: Ann Beattie’s The Burning House