Monday Fairy Tale

I recently received an invitation to take part in the beta version of a new literary website launching in September called Catapult. This joint effort between Electric Literature and Black Balloon Publishing aims to promote new writing and community building, as well as offering writing classes. I took the plunge and posted a story to the site, a fairy… Continue reading Monday Fairy Tale

Geek Girl Vs. Roy the Destroyer

New York Comic Con, Set-up: Erica, owner of feminist publisher Geek Girl Comics, hauls and unpacks boxes of glossy comics. They have that unvarnished, virginal paper smell. She likes feeling the pages as she lifts them out of the boxes and arranges them on her table. She imagines each issue's future reader, how the oils… Continue reading Geek Girl Vs. Roy the Destroyer

The Story About the Story

Last week, the wonderful new women's online magazine  LUNA LUNA published my short story "The Fiction Student, or the Mystery is Gone." I've found that a lot of times when I write stories, particularly those that involve sex, people become fascinated with wanting to know the story behind the story. Even if you say it's… Continue reading The Story About the Story

Blast From the Past

I found out a few weeks ago that a story of mine that had been accepted for publication in 2012 was finally going to print. It is an odd feeling when a story you haven't put much thought into for some time comes back to you. I feel like writers have an odd relationship with… Continue reading Blast From the Past

Death is Sleeping in my Bed Next to me

Death's here again, oversleeping in my bed. I can't catch a break; I wanted one Saturday morning alone. "Move over,"I say, "Your feet are so cold." "My feet? How about yours?" Death accuses. "Poor circulation," I answer and roll over on my stomach. "What's your excuse?" Death laughs and continues to hog the covers. "What… Continue reading Death is Sleeping in my Bed Next to me