Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part II

The story gets a bit weird here, likely because I wrote it at two in the morning when I couldn't sleep on my flight between New York and Washington. Oh well, this one's for the birds... Adriana, Made of Light (Continued) Adriana found the birds perched in a willow tree on the edge of town.… Continue reading Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part II

Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part I

Every year my family gathers for the Fourth of July at my parents' house in Central Washington. Of the many Americana traditions we partake in--watching fireworks, watermelon-eating contest--one of my favorites is sitting around the fire pit in my parents' yard. This year, my mom asked me to write a fairy tale to read while… Continue reading Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part I

The Collective Stink

The two young men stood in the middle of the subway, that spot reserved for the rush-hour swell or else the stage for optimistic break dancers determined to rouse the unengaged masses. The train rambled between Broadway-Lafayette and Grand, from one underground sweat box to the next. The men, listless on a Friday afternoon in the… Continue reading The Collective Stink

What the Raven Told her (Part II)

From beneath the thin cotton dress, she heard a clearing of the throat and then a soft, “Please be so kind as to remove this cloth. It’s blocking my view of the window. If I have to be cooped up in here, I’d at least like to have something to look at.” “I know what… Continue reading What the Raven Told her (Part II)