Writing is Religion

Ever since this past winter when I read Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus, I've been thinking a lot about absurdism. In his book, Camus argues that life is meaningless, there is no god, etc. Once a person leaves religion and is left with this hopelessness, the question Camus poses is: should a person kill herself in … Continue reading Writing is Religion



Last October, the Literary Happy Hour reading series tasked me with presenting a piece on the subject of fear. I read a short story about marriage—to be fair, that’s a real fear of mine. What I was working on was this essay about a woman’s fear of not speaking up, now up on Vol. 1 … Continue reading Glossophobia

Blog on my Blog

The thoughtful and terrific Jane Hodges, founder of the Mineral School residency in Mineral, Washington, kindly asked me to be the subject of their blog interviews last month. I completely forgot to re-post until now. Better late than never! The interview goes into what I'm writing, who I'm reading, where I'm volunteering, and my hot … Continue reading Blog on my Blog

New Interview Up at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

One of my favorite people in NYC, Tobias Carroll of Vol. 1 Brooklyn, interviewed me about my book, Raymond Carver (surprise surprise), and how politics will start affecting my writing. You can read the interview here.