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  • “Eyes Open: The Ugly Cry by Danielle Henderson” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), May/June 2021
  • “Drawn Like Teen Spirit: Justine by Forsyth Harmon” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), March/April 2021
  • “Kill Thrill: An Interview With Crime Author Emily Schultz” in Women’s Review of Books (print), November/December 2020
  • “Beginnings And Ends: We Had No Rules by Corinne Manning” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), July/August 2020
  • “Love And Death: Boys of Alabama By Genevieve Hudson” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), May/June 2020
  • “One Under The Other: Subduction By Kristen Millares Young” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), March/April 2020
  • “Review: Pretend We Live Here by Genevieve Hudson” in PANK, February 2020
  • The Writer’s Writer: Questions and Answers with Michelle Tea in Women’s Review of Books (print), January/February 2020
  • “Pain Pals: Q and A With Amy Long” in WROB (print), November/December 2019
  • “Home Turf: Q and A With Samantha Allen” in WROB (print), September/Oct. 2019
  • “Feelings: Q and A With Berenice Malka Fisher” in WROB (print), July/August 2019
  • “The Serpent Under’t: My Sister, the Serial Killer By Oyinkan Braithwaite” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), May/June 2019
  • “Can I be a Drug Advocate as the Sister of a Drug Addict?” in The Her(b) Life, March 2019
  • “Phantom Limb” in Black River, March 2019
  • “Anger Management: Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger By Soraya Chemaly” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), November/December 2018
  • “Shame Theory: Pure By Linda Kay Klein” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), September/October 2018
  • “Charged: The Power By Naomi Alderman” reviewed in Women’s Review of Books (print), July/August 2018
  • “Write Stoned, Edit Sober” in Submittable, July 2018
  • “Glossophobia” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, February 2018
  • “When Your Hometown is the Last Place to Accept Who You Are” in Literary Hub, May 2017
  • “Tom Robbins was my Spiritual Adviser” in The Millions, January 2017
  • “Wild Unknown Country” in Hobart Pulp, January 2017
  • “What We Talk About When We Talk About Titles” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, October 2016
  • “Book Notes” in Largehearted Boy, October 2016
  • “10 Short Stories for the International Day of the Girl” in Lit Hub, October 2016
  • “The Third Thing That Killed My Brother” in Crab Creek Review, October 2016
  • “The year I got honest with myself: I’m queer and not cut out for monogamy” in The Washington Post’s Solo-ish, March 2016
  • “My trip down Mirena lane” in The Washington Post’s Solo-ish, September 2015
  • “The hardest question for me to answer on a date: ‘How many siblings do you have?’” in The Washington Post’s Solo-ish, June 2015
  • “Hometown” in The Bushwick Review, June 2015
  • “Is Weed a Women’s Issue?” in DAME, April 2015
  • “‘I’m telling the stories that I want to tell.’ A conversation with Cristina Moracho” in Late Night Library, March 2015
  • “I Spent A Year Following #ReadWomen2014, And I Learned 5 Big Lessons From Reading Female Voices” in Bustle, February 2015
  • “’One Relieves the Other’: Eileen Myles on Second Novels, Poet’s Novels, and Punctuation” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, January 2015
  • “Church Exit Interview Form” in The EEEL, January 2015
  • “Feminist Porn and Erotica for Women Are Easier to Find Than You’d Think, Thanks to Erika Lust” in Bustle, December 2014
  • “Carver’s Country” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, November 2014
  • “The 2014 Bad Sex In Fiction Award Nominees Are Writing About Sex In Isolation From the Rest of the Story — That’s the Problem” in Bustle, November 2014
  • “Gender, Tragedy, and Young Love in Iran” in Late Night Library, November 2013


  • “50 Quarantine Fantasies (Selections)” in Evergreen Review, July 2020
  • “The Girl” in Joyland Magazine, September 2016
  • “Independent Contractor Agreement” in The EEEL, January 2016 (print)
  • “The Fiction Student, or the Mystery is Gone” in Luna Luna, August 2014
  • “The Closing of Joe’s Bar” in Clackamas Literary Review, July 2014 (print)
  • “Third-Party Agreement” in The EEEL, June 2014
  • “Upstairs” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, April 2013; reprinted in Esquire Russia, April 2014
  • “Return From Oz” in KGB Bar Lit Magazine, March 2014
  • “Sirens” serialized in PDXX Collective, July-August 2013
  • “The Storyteller” in The Citron Review, July 2013
  • “Father and Daughter” in Portland Review, February 2013


3 thoughts on “Read Me”

  1. I just read “The Valkyrie Sleeps Alone.” Each of the stories could stand alone separately just fine but the way you wove them together made the story so much more powerful. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for reading. That one to me was all about stories–legends, mythologies, fairy tales. We tell stories to cope, in this case to cope with losing someone. Each one could have been real or none, but to me that’s never the point. The point is why we tell the story in the first place. I’m glad you liked it.

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