Kate Bernheimer reminded me fairy tales are not only for adults. Kate Chopin showed me that sometimes your character has to die to live.  Mary Gaitskill gave me boldness. Harper Lee taught me in and out of school.  Alice Munro showed me how to peel the layers back on a story and to take it in… Continue reading #ReadWomen2014

How Alice Munro Winning is a Win for all Women

A week and a half ago I finished reading Alice Munro's short story "Vandals" while riding the subway. The story, true to her form, begins in one place and follows one character and ends in an entirely different place, slowly unfolding a secret tragedy that leaves you feeling like you've been socked in the gut--her… Continue reading How Alice Munro Winning is a Win for all Women

A Birthday Wish List

Tomorrow I turn twenty-six and my life is over. That's an over exaggeration, but I am apprehensive about this even-numbered age. When I lived in Seattle, one of my favorite pastimes was attending Seattle Arts & Lectures. For people twenty-five and under, attendance cost less than the regular ticket price (I guess the good folks… Continue reading A Birthday Wish List