Book Report: Althea & Oliver

Working in the publishing industry, I find myself very lucky that I have so many good books at my fingertips. One of my favorite things I've discovered about the industry is that publishing houses often send each other their galleys, so there is an abundance of free books scattered throughout my office. Serendipitously, a book showed up… Continue reading Book Report: Althea & Oliver

Book Report: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Since it's the holidays again, it's the time of year where I fulfill an annual tradition of re-reading the most important book to me: The Phantom Tollbooth. I am yet again reminded of the importance of imagination, learning, and attempting the impossible. But sometimes, I feel a little beyond the wonders of my beloved children's… Continue reading Book Report: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Book Report: The Receptionist

In one of the first acts of kindness I experienced in New York, a near stranger gifted me the book The Receptionist. She said she had tried to read Janet Groth’s memoir of her twenty plus years working as a receptionist for The New Yorker, but that she didn’t recognize many of the writers and… Continue reading Book Report: The Receptionist

Book Report: Beautiful Ruins

I read a lot. Between reading manuscripts in the Acquisitions Department of Ooligan Press, reading submissions as an editorial intern at Tin House, and reading books on the bus each day, I consume a lot of stories. Because of this, I thought it appropriate that I start talking about all these books. To start, I… Continue reading Book Report: Beautiful Ruins