I’ve Been Busy, Y’all

As someone who prides myself on writerly persistency and consistency, I'll be the first to admit I've started slacking on the blog lately. I think part of that is a combination of it's August and I'm on the constant verge of heatstroke and it has been a busy summer (travel, weddings, beaches, oh my). The… Continue reading I’ve Been Busy, Y’all

A Plea: Support theNewerYork’s Kickstarter

I feel like there are a few milestones every writer must hit to truly feel like a millennial writer. You have to start a blog. You have to publish on a lit website that you and your friends think is cool but that your parents have never heard of. You get your first paid writing gig--sure… Continue reading A Plea: Support theNewerYork’s Kickstarter

A Birthday Wish List

Tomorrow I turn twenty-six and my life is over. That's an over exaggeration, but I am apprehensive about this even-numbered age. When I lived in Seattle, one of my favorite pastimes was attending Seattle Arts & Lectures. For people twenty-five and under, attendance cost less than the regular ticket price (I guess the good folks… Continue reading A Birthday Wish List