All That Goodbye to All That

Every writer who leaves NYC has written about leaving NYC since Joan Didion famously wrote "Goodbye to All That" in her seminal essay collection Slouching Towards Bethlehem. It was only a matter of time until I did it too. When you want to see them, the signs are everywhere. I spent three years looking for… Continue reading All That Goodbye to All That

The Skin We Live In (Part I)

My mom doesn’t wear much makeup—no foundation or concealer. She doesn’t buy expensive department store brands of age-defying moisturizers, miracle creams, or any products with advertisements that compare a woman’s skin to freckled eggshells or hardened alligator skin. She uses the same brand of face wash—Noxema—she has used my whole life. Whenever I smell that… Continue reading The Skin We Live In (Part I)