Monday Fairy Tale

I recently received an invitation to take part in the beta version of a new literary website launching in September called Catapult. This joint effort between Electric Literature and Black Balloon Publishing aims to promote new writing and community building, as well as offering writing classes. I took the plunge and posted a story to the site, a fairy… Continue reading Monday Fairy Tale

Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part II

The story gets a bit weird here, likely because I wrote it at two in the morning when I couldn't sleep on my flight between New York and Washington. Oh well, this one's for the birds... Adriana, Made of Light (Continued) Adriana found the birds perched in a willow tree on the edge of town.… Continue reading Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part II

Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part I

Every year my family gathers for the Fourth of July at my parents' house in Central Washington. Of the many Americana traditions we partake in--watching fireworks, watermelon-eating contest--one of my favorites is sitting around the fire pit in my parents' yard. This year, my mom asked me to write a fairy tale to read while… Continue reading Fourth of July Fairy Tale, Part I

A Home Found for my Weird Little Fairy Tale

Last year, I wrote a short story based on a prompt from a literary journal. The journal asked for an interpretation of The Wizard of Oz. What fascinates me the most about the classic story is the idea that identity that comes with place--being swept away to another world and missing where you came from. But… Continue reading A Home Found for my Weird Little Fairy Tale

What Stories Hold For Us

Today, the good people at The Citron Review published by short story "The Storyteller" in their Summer 2013 issue. In this fairy tale, a young woman meets a dentist who wholeheartedly believes that his mother wrote all the stories in the world. At first the protagonist is dumbfounded by this naive belief, but eventually she… Continue reading What Stories Hold For Us