I Punned at the Washington Post

Following my first publication on the Solo-ish blog earlier this summer, I managed to convince the good people at The Washington Post to publish another piece of mine. A few weeks ago I headed to the gynecologist to have my IUD replaced, and because I'm a narcissistic writer, I thought to myself, "Surely I must… Continue reading I Punned at the Washington Post

The Surprising Feminist Undertones of BoJack Horseman

Last year’s Netflix original, the “cartoon for adults” BoJack Horseman, packed a surprising amount of social commentary for a show featuring a talking horse.  The criminally underrated series does a lot of things well: sharp satire of the entertainment industry balanced with absurdist humor made even stranger in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, background… Continue reading The Surprising Feminist Undertones of BoJack Horseman