An Inspirational Conversation

For most of my time in graduate school, I was fortunate to hold a part-time job as a writer for student newspaper The Rearguard. I parlayed this opportunity into a way to interview some of the writers in Portland who inspire me. Throughout the summer, I'm going to post some of these memorable interviews, starting… Continue reading An Inspirational Conversation

Next Big Thing Blog Hop–Work in Progress

This week I'm participating in a "blog hop," which basically consists of one writer linking to me on her blog and then me linking to another writer on his blog. The point is for us to connect our audiences while talking about the projects we're working on. The writer who linked to me, Marissa James,… Continue reading Next Big Thing Blog Hop–Work in Progress

For Your Consideration: The Portland Women’s Mentorship Program

In the past two weeks, I've had the opportunity to learn from two of the most influential writers living in Portland: Lidia Yuknavitch and Cheryl Strayed. Yuknavitch, author of the recent novel Dora: A Headcase and the heartbreaking (and then heart re-building) The Chronology of Water, sat down with me for a lengthy interview on… Continue reading For Your Consideration: The Portland Women’s Mentorship Program

After the Reading

Last Friday, I read my short story "Father and Daughter" at Portland Review's winter issue release party. I wrote the story, about a teenage girl and her gambling addict divorcee father, after visiting my parents this past fall. There is a huge casino near my parents' house that is something of a landmark in their… Continue reading After the Reading

2013 Writing Goals

2013 will be my year. I'm guessing that's what a lot of people are thinking right now as they sit on the precipice of another new year. We're feeling nostalgic for things past and looking forward to adventures to come. We're making resolutions whether we want to or not because inevitably at a New Year's… Continue reading 2013 Writing Goals