Double Book Report: Riot Grrrl Writing

As prep for my new young adult novel about riot grrrl vampires (and because each book looked incredibly interesting), I got my hands on copies of music critic Jessica Hopper's The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic (what an amazing title) and Carrie Brownstein's memoir Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl.… Continue reading Double Book Report: Riot Grrrl Writing

The Heroine’s Journey: We Need More Cheryl Strayeds

When Wild entered theaters last month, one of many cinematic entries vying for the attention of moviegoers during the crowded holiday season, it launched both Cheryl Strayed the author and Cheryl Strayed the character into the national spotlight. Most people are familiar with her memoir of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail—they’ve seen the book cover… Continue reading The Heroine’s Journey: We Need More Cheryl Strayeds

Book Report: The Receptionist

In one of the first acts of kindness I experienced in New York, a near stranger gifted me the book The Receptionist. She said she had tried to read Janet Groth’s memoir of her twenty plus years working as a receptionist for The New Yorker, but that she didn’t recognize many of the writers and… Continue reading Book Report: The Receptionist