One Year in NYC: A Photo Reflection

I celebrated my one-year anniversary of living in New York City on September First. I can look back on this last year and without hesitation know it has been the hardest one of my life, for reasons geographical, relational, and tragical. It was the year that proved I could be a survivor, which is a… Continue reading One Year in NYC: A Photo Reflection

The Collective Stink

The two young men stood in the middle of the subway, that spot reserved for the rush-hour swell or else the stage for optimistic break dancers determined to rouse the unengaged masses. The train rambled between Broadway-Lafayette and Grand, from one underground sweat box to the next. The men, listless on a Friday afternoon in the… Continue reading The Collective Stink

Hello to all That Part Two: A Dream is a Fragile Thing

You know that thing where you've wanted something your whole life but it seems like an intangible concept that only exists in the pure, earnest region of your heart that still harbors childhood dreams? What do you do when it starts to become tangible? When it grows wings and suddenly you can hold it in your… Continue reading Hello to all That Part Two: A Dream is a Fragile Thing

Hello to all That Part One: Goodbye to all That

Ever since Joan Didion called New York City “an infinitely romantic notion, the mysterious nexus of all love and money and power, the shining and perishable dream itself,” aspiring writers have been longing to move to New York, and almost as many to leave it. It's a part of the initiation process as a writer--drop everything,… Continue reading Hello to all That Part One: Goodbye to all That