This is Where you are

One of the key components to a well-developed story is the setting. It's important because it informs our characters and plot. What does your character's home look like? What does she see each day on her way to work or school? Imagine The Great Gatsby's loss of the American dream without the over indulgent New… Continue reading This is Where you are

For Your Consideration: The Portland Women’s Mentorship Program

In the past two weeks, I've had the opportunity to learn from two of the most influential writers living in Portland: Lidia Yuknavitch and Cheryl Strayed. Yuknavitch, author of the recent novel Dora: A Headcase and the heartbreaking (and then heart re-building) The Chronology of Water, sat down with me for a lengthy interview on… Continue reading For Your Consideration: The Portland Women’s Mentorship Program