Second Chance

A few days ago while cyber-stalking other writers (I mean taking an interest in them), I came across the name Emily Schultz. I knew I recognized the name from somewhere and assumed she must be one of those current literary darlings whose names pop up in the by-lines or book reviews of my favorite websites (Emily… Continue reading Second Chance

The Bold and the BEAutiful

If there is ever a better example of how simultaneously big and small the publishing industry can feel than attending Book Expo America, I'm curious to see/attend/experience it. After having spent the last month and a half preparing for this behemoth publishing industry conference and dedicating most of my time from last Wednesday through Saturday working… Continue reading The Bold and the BEAutiful

To My Teachers

Last week I was honored to take a contract position with a high school in Portland. I won't be teaching, however my work will hopefully have an impact on the students of Roosevelt High School. My new boss works as a service learning consultant, which means she finds creative ways to impact schools that are… Continue reading To My Teachers