When Remembering is an Object

This past Saturday marked the four-year anniversary of my brother's sudden death. I dedicated the morning to remembrance, honoring my brother the best way I knew how: reading Raymond Carver's "Where I'm Calling From" and listening to "Idaho" by Down Like Silver. I spent the evening with my sister, and in between watching 90s feel… Continue reading When Remembering is an Object

Go Read That Instead

Confession: I am behind on my word count for this year's NaNoWriMo. It has happened before, and I am still confident I'll recover. I simply need a weekend's worth of focus to catch up. That being said, instead of writing something new for today's post (I need to save all my creative juices for writing… Continue reading Go Read That Instead

In Praise of the Short Story

For those of you who don't know (I recently┬álearned this myself), May is Short Story Month. In the way April is Poetry Month, someone somewhere deemed May the month that we will pay attention to the oft-overlooked (and hard to publish) short story. The short story is the novel's little sister--she has some great qualities… Continue reading In Praise of the Short Story

Carver for my Brother

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday, which means I've been reading Raymond Carver. It's like a coping mechanism, I guess, returning to the comfort of Carver's words. Maybe others wouldn't find comfort in the sorrow, the disparity, the wildlife and hunting, death and dying of Carver's work, but I do. I return to him like an… Continue reading Carver for my Brother