We Can Do Better: We Need More Diverse Representation in Our Storytelling

The other day my friend and I got into a conversation about TV shows (as a pop culture junkie, this is something I am often wont to do). After watching my favorite episode of Buffy ("Tabula Rasa," duh), we scrolled through Netflix until we landed on the new(ish) CW show iZombie. As a fan of… Continue reading We Can Do Better: We Need More Diverse Representation in Our Storytelling

Why I Skipped This Year’s Academy Awards

The same week that the infuriatingly predictable (read: white male) 87th Annual Academy Award nominations were released, I saw Selma in theaters. Where as I previously wanted to see the movie because it looked well-made, the Civil Rights Movement and the time period surrounding it have always fascinated me, and I heard positive reviews (plus… Continue reading Why I Skipped This Year’s Academy Awards

What Stories Hold For Us

Today, the good people at The Citron Review published by short story "The Storyteller" in their Summer 2013 issue. In this fairy tale, a young woman meets a dentist who wholeheartedly believes that his mother wrote all the stories in the world. At first the protagonist is dumbfounded by this naive belief, but eventually she… Continue reading What Stories Hold For Us