Second Chance

A few days ago while cyber-stalking other writers (I mean taking an interest in them), I came across the name Emily Schultz. I knew I recognized the name from somewhere and assumed she must be one of those current literary darlings whose names pop up in the by-lines or book reviews of my favorite websites (Emily… Continue reading Second Chance

A Birthday Wish List

Tomorrow I turn twenty-six and my life is over. That's an over exaggeration, but I am apprehensive about this even-numbered age. When I lived in Seattle, one of my favorite pastimes was attending Seattle Arts & Lectures. For people twenty-five and under, attendance cost less than the regular ticket price (I guess the good folks… Continue reading A Birthday Wish List

Finding the Words

I had planned for this week's post to include part one of my latest short story. It seemed appropriate after last week's erotica/writing sex post that I would show my own latest try at using sex as a literary device, but then last week Todd Akin happened. And then Steve King happened. Then I felt… Continue reading Finding the Words