Go Read That Instead

Confession: I am behind on my word count for this year's NaNoWriMo. It has happened before, and I am still confident I'll recover. I simply need a weekend's worth of focus to catch up. That being said, instead of writing something new for today's post (I need to save all my creative juices for writing… Continue reading Go Read That Instead

How Do You Say “I’m in Awe” in Russian?

Last month I received the exciting/unexpected/wait-a-minute news that one of my short stories would be reprinted in Esquire Russia. "Upstairs," my little story that could keeps on giving. Originally published in April of 2013 by Vol. 1 Brooklyn, it was chosen at the end of last year by The Atlantic Cities as a "2013 Best of… Continue reading How Do You Say “I’m in Awe” in Russian?