Writer Crush: Dorothy Allison

I first learned about author Dorothy Allison in Portland. It was a combination of fortuitous reading and word of mouth. My dear friend Mary happens to be a champion for Ms. Allison, and was once lucky enough to interview her for a female writer series she runs at PDXX Collective. At the same time Mary… Continue reading Writer Crush: Dorothy Allison

Writer Crush: Michelle Latiolais

Michelle Latiolais's short story collection Widow came to me on loan with a stack of other recommended books. I was in need of a new book and open to suggestions. Of the stack of books--two novels and the story collection--I immediately gravitated to Widow. I am an avid short story consumer after all. The titular… Continue reading Writer Crush: Michelle Latiolais

Writer Crush: Mary Gaitskill

It's happened: I've fallen in love/lust. I think this one might be the real deal. Of all my literary relationships, this one may be the most passionate. In the way that Raymond Carver cuts me with his seemingly simplistic renderings of everyday life and pain. In the way that John Cheever mystifies me by pulling… Continue reading Writer Crush: Mary Gaitskill