Writer Crush: Dorothy Allison

I first learned about author Dorothy Allison in Portland. It was a combination of fortuitous reading and word of mouth. My dear friend Mary happens to be a champion for Ms. Allison, and was once lucky enough to interview her for a female writer series she runs at PDXX Collective. At the same time Mary… Continue reading Writer Crush: Dorothy Allison

There Used to be Mountains

There used to be mountains in my life. This didn't matter to me in the way it matters to most people living in the Pacific Northwest. I didn't need the mountains as an escape, something to scale, accomplish. They were ornamental to me, decorations dotting my horizon when I looked beyond the city limits, the… Continue reading There Used to be Mountains

Writing About Place

I grew up in Yakima, a small town in Central Washington that I was convinced I was bigger than. When I first left for college in Seattle, I didn't like returning home, even for a short visit. But as I continued to write, in college workshops or on my own, I found Yakima (or some… Continue reading Writing About Place