A Conversation With Cristina Moracho

Last fall, I wrote about my love for the recently released young adult novel Althea & Oliver. I was very lucky to parlay my love for that story into interviewing its author, Cristina Moracho, for the wonderful literary website and non-profit Late Night Library. Head over here to check it out. She has a lot of… Continue reading A Conversation With Cristina Moracho

Happy NaNoWriMo or Here We Go Again

I imagine most people are busy making plans for Friday and throwing together last minute costumes, but my mind is more focused on the day after Halloween. November First is its own kind of holiday for me: day one of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. As a two-year veteran of NaNoWriMo, I've learned a… Continue reading Happy NaNoWriMo or Here We Go Again

Book Report: Althea & Oliver

Working in the publishing industry, I find myself very lucky that I have so many good books at my fingertips. One of my favorite things I've discovered about the industry is that publishing houses often send each other their galleys, so there is an abundance of free books scattered throughout my office. Serendipitously, a book showed up… Continue reading Book Report: Althea & Oliver